commercial & corporate

Using our extensive experience in commercial law, we develop a sound understanding of the context in which each of our clients do business and the environments in which they seek to exploit their rights and assets.
For those without the benefit of in-house legal support, we provide a "business affairs" service for our clients’ activities, which is supported by our relationships with a wide range of professionals and organisations including accountants, distributors, investors, licensees, publishers, and PR consultants. 
Among other services, we:
  • Advise on the establishment of corporate structures tailored to our clients’ needs 
  • Assess the effectiveness of clients’ agreements and the nature of the risks and rewards of their business activities 
  • Manage the issues involved in the sale, distribution and exploitation of our clients' rights, goods and services both on and offline 
  • Provide rapid due diligence support in relation to the planning and implementation of acquisitions, sales and long term licensing of rights based assets and businesses 
  • Take a practical approach to the cross-jurisdictional issues relevant to international transactions, taking advantage of our quality relationships with counsel abroad 

We draft, negotiate and advise on a range of commercial contracts in the creative industries and related sectors.

Among other services we:
  • Provide bespoke website terms for online businesses and e-commerce clients 
  • Advise on consumer compliance issues 
  • Prepare contracts for the supply of goods and services 
  • Prepare manufacture, licensing and distribution agreements