creative & copyright

At the heart of our practice is a deep understanding of the creative industries and the legal factors that underpin our clients’ commercial and professional success.

We are extensively involved with the music industry and other creative sectors including fashion design, photography, digital media, film and TV production, theatre, live entertainment, promotion and merchandising and games software.
Among other services, we:
  • Offer unparalleled expertise in the field of copyright and related intellectual property rights, the lifeblood of the creative industries 
  • Advise in the disposal and acquisition of rights portfolios 
  • Actively assert and enforce our clients' rights in England and Wales
  • Prepare a range of creative agreements, including the following: 

    Band Management Contracts
    Recording Contracts
    Producer Contracts
    Management Contracts
    Partnership/Band Contracts
    Songwriting/Publishing Contracts
    Merchandising Contracts
    Branding and Image Rights Contracts
    Promoter and Agency Contracts
    Artist Website Contracts
    Catalogue acquisitions and disposals
    Distribution Contracts
    Book/Publishing Contracts
    Synchronisation Licences
    Option Agreements
    Producer Agreements
    Distribution Agreements
    Contributor Agreements