James Ware Stephenson solicitors work extensively with the creative and entertainment sectors, including digital media, music, film, tv, fashion, photography and digital games.  We have considerable experience in musical and straight theatre and other forms of live entertainment.  

As a boutique firm we are quick, cost-effective and client focused.


At the heart of our practice is a deep understanding of the creative industries and the legal factors that underpin our clients’ commercial and professional success. We are creative lawyers in a creative environment.

news & insight

 The legal landscape for UK businesses dealing with other businesses in EU Member States has changed. read more

The transition period ended on 31 December 2020 and the UK has now taken the last step to sever its ties with the EU. This has some important implications for your EU trade marks - both those which have already been registered and those which are in the process of being registered. read more

Computer records, text messages (including WhatsApp etc.), other instant messenger platforms and social media posts, have formed part of the litigation process of disclosure for many years. As the process has developed and become more sophisticated, the scope of disclosure has been refined and extended by the Courts. read more

Companies  House has just sent out notification that they will stop sending out reminders by post read more

We are located at Somerset House and are delighted to be a part of its creative community.