May 3, 2018

Our practical guide  to  the  new  General  Data  Protection  Regulation (GDPR) coming into  force  on  25  May 2018

Download our GDPR guide covering the points below

What  is  the  GDPR?
Who needs to pay attention? 
Some key terms used in the GDPR 
Do I need to have express consent to process data? 
How does PECR (the Privacy and E-Communication Regulations) relate to GDPR? 
What if my client list comprises mainly incorporated businesses...
Can I send promotional material to incorporated businesses by post? 
What kind of consent do I need for processing personal data? 
I have an existing mailing list ...
Do I need consent to process personal data for research/statistical purposes? 
Can I use third party marketing lists? 
Going forward what should I do to get ready for GDPR? 
Register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) 

Download our GDPR guide