GéNIA charity concert for children in Kharkiv

September 22, 2022

Fundraising Concert for Kharkiv Children. British and Ukrainian musicians joined by the legendary British actors Bill Nighy and Chiwetel Ejiofor
Date: 30 September 2022, 8:00 PM Venue: The Other Palace Studio 

Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, positioned only 25 miles away from Russia, has been targeted almost daily with missile attacks, disturbing its citizens, and ruining the infrastructure. Many civilians have been injured (and some, sadly, killed). There has hardly been a single day since the start of the war (24 February 2022) without the city being bombarded. Kharkiv region includes Izyum, which is so much on the news today, where 400 graves of people were discovered who had been tortured before they were killed.

In tonight’s concert, the leading British actors Bill Nighy and Chiwetel Ejiofor together with British and Ukrainian musicians, are showing their support for the children of Kharkiv and its surrounding regions, who have been traumatised and injured. Chiwetel Ejiofor is the Official Patron of ‘Support Kharkiv Foundation’. 'Support Kharkiv Foundation’ is a micro-trust, in aid of ‘GivingWorks’, a charity registered in England and Wales (charity registration no.1078770). https://www.kharkivfoundation.org

The proceeds of the event are going to ‘Support Kharkiv Foundation’, which was founded by the concert pianist and composer GéNIA, who was born in Kharkiv herself, to support the injured citizens and damaged infrastructure of the Kharkiv regions, in response to this massive destruction. This event is specifically targeting helping the children of Kharkiv and its surrounding regions.

GéNIA is very grateful to all the artists who are supporting her cause tonight: Bill Nighy (a multi-award-winning actor of both the stage and screen, with an expansive career spanning fifty years; Chiwetel Ejiofor (BAFTA Award winning actor, director and writer); Alina Bzhezhunska (a jazz harpist, composer, band leader, and a founder of contemporary music platform HipHarpCollective), BLÁNID (Singer/songwriter) Bradley Russeau (UK-based composer and musician), Eugenia (the singer from Ukraine, who studied in Kharkiv).

GéNIIA is a Kharkiv-born concert pianist and composer living in London. Her music has enjoyed placements in the critically acclaimed BBC America TV Series ‘Killing Eve’, well-known British ITV Series ’Cold Feet’ and ‘Close to Me’ with the concert performances at the Wigmore Hall, Barbican, Southbank Centre, to name just a few.