Administration Service 

Our Service and Fees

Probate practitioners are notorious for delays in handling probate formalities and obtaining grants of probate or letters of administration.  We pride ourselves on our prompt handling of probate applications.  The member of the firm responsible for your application will keep in close personal contact with you on a regular basis, and will be readily accessible to you.
We are transparent about our fees.   Our hourly rates range between £150 and £395.   Before undertaking work for you, we will give you a summary of what we propose doing for you together with an estimate of fees.  The fee estimate will be exclusive of VAT and any disbursements paid to third parties, such as the probate application fee and fees to register lasting powers of attorney, which will be charged in addition.    
Currently, the official fee payable on filing an application for probate is £215.  This is increasing very significantly from April 2019 so that the fee will vary according to the value of the estate, rising to £6,000 for estates valued at more than £2million.  For an estate valued at £500,000 the official fee will be £2,500. 
Due to the differing sizes and complexities of the estates with which we work, our fees for preparing for and obtaining a grant of probate (or letters of administration if there is no will) will vary considerably.  It could be very misleading to provide an average fee.  Very broadly for estates with a value in the range of £1 million to £5 million or with copyright or similar assets, our overall fees are likely to be in the range of £3,000 to £5,000.   Value added tax, registration fees and other out of pocket costs are additional.  Our fees include the completion of all relevant forms, the calculation of inheritance tax and working with you to ensure that all debts and claims arising up to the grant of probate are addressed.
Clearly where there is a contested will or a dispute as to entitlement, costs are likely to increase significantly. 
Additional work will be needed where there is no will.  Where it is clear who is entitled to participate in the estate and they are clearly identified and contactable, there is a good chance this will be straightforward and involve little additional work and cost.
If you require us to undertake some or all of the post grant administration of the estate, for example, collecting in and distributing the assets to the beneficiaries, this will naturally increase the cost, but is likely to be prudent for a large or complex estate, particularly if trusts have been set up under the terms of the will.   
For a straightforward estate, where the executors and beneficiaries are family members, you may prefer to save costs and deal with the post grant administration yourself, with our advice, if necessary.  We will be happy to provide a “hand-holding” service. 
We will always expect to keep to each estimate we provide.  Where there are unexpected complications not provided for, we may need to revise an estimate.  We will keep you updated as our work progresses.